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Peter Pan Dayton Ballet

Peter Pan ~ Dayton Ballet

On both the Ballet Series and Philharmonic SuperPops Series


   8:00 pm Friday, March 20, 2015
   3:00 pm Saturday, March 21, 2015
   8:00 pm Saturday, March 21, 2015
   3:00 pm Sunday, March 22, 2015

Single tickets:  $23 | $27 | $38 | $54 | $63 | $78
Student tickets:  $24


SEPTIME WEBRE choreographer
KAREN RUSSO BURKE artistic director

The Friday, March 20 performance is an Encore! young professional event.

concert_1415_BA4This ballet extols the virtues of eternal youth, of keeping our childlike wonder, of not taking the real world too seriously. For this production of Peter Pan, the Dayton Ballet comes together with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time ever! It features an enchanting score by Carmon DeLeone with Septime Webre's original choreography under the guiding hand of Dayton Ballet Artistic Director Karen Russo Burke.

Act 1 opens in the room of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling and their dog/nursemaid, Nana. Mrs. Darling tucks the trio into bed, and she and her husband head out to a dinner party. Later, when all are asleep, the fairy Tinkerbell, with Peter Pan close behind, flies into the bedroom. Peter loses and then finds his shadow and wakes up Wendy, who sews it back on for him, awakening John and Michael. Using Tinkerbell’s fairy dust, Peter teaches the children to fly and leads them flying out the window to the Neverland.

Wendy, Michael, John, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell arrive in the Neverland in the evening. Jealous of the Darling children, Tinkerbell flies down to Tootle, one of the Lost Boys, and tells him that Peter has brought quarry with him, causing Tootle to shoot Wendy down with his bow and arrow. Peter tells them what’s happened, Tinkerbell heals Wendy, and they all begin to celebrate—but Captain Hook arrives with his gang wanting to fight Peter. The Lost Boys scatter in the forest. As the pair start to fight, Captain Hook hears a loud ticking sound; it’s the crocodile that had bitten off Hook’s hand and swallowed a clock. Hook and his crew escape to their ship.

In Act 2 Wendy makes dinner for the Lost Boys and reads them a story after they have eaten. After the Boys go to sleep, Wendy sews the Boys’ torn clothing and then falls asleep as well. Then Captain Hook and his crew break into the home and kidnap everyone but Peter, whom he can’t find. Peter Pan wakes to find everyone gone, and Tinkerbell tells him what’s happened.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fly to Hook’s ship, where Hook and his crew are celebrating and pushing the children to walk the plank, under which the crocodile waits. Peter comes to their rescue and starts to fight with Captain Hook. Beaten, Hook falls into the water, a prize for the crocodile. The Lost Boys take over the ship, and Peter, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, and Wendy and her brothers rejoice. With the commotion over, Wendy realizes that she is homesick. Not wanting to stay a child forever, she wants to go home. She and her brothers say goodbye. Tinkerbell sprinkles them with fairy dust, and they fly home, where they find Mr. and Mrs. Darling, Liza the maid, and Nana grief-stricken. As soon as the children arrive, everyone is happy and tears of joy are shed. Wendy is melancholy; she had asked Peter Pan to come back with her. But he simply doesn’t want to grow up.

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