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DAYTON, OH (December 21, 2012) – On Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Dayton Art Institute Renaissance Auditorium, the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra will present Concertmaster’s Choice: Jessica Hung, the third Special Event in the DPO 2012-2013 Imagine Season.
It went something like this: “Jessica, how’s ‘bout you pick a quintet and four or five pieces of chamber music that you really like and we’ll program a special concert around it?” Jessica Hung, the DPO’s talented concertmaster got right on it, and the instrumentation, talented musicians, and music she selected are a delightful brew indeed.
Jessica’s musician wish list consisted of DPO Principal Violist Sheridan Kamberger Currie, Associate Concertmaster Aurelian Oprea, Principal Cellist Andra Padrichelli, and Principal Oboist Eileen Whalen.
And the music: Mozart’s “Duo for Violin & Viola No. 1 in G major,”  Kubian’s “Singularity for Oboe & Violin,” Ysaÿe’s “Sonata for Solo Violin in E minor,” Ravel’s “Sonata for Violin & Cello,” and Prokofiev’s “Sonata for Two Violins in C major.”
Jessica explained which DPO musicians perform on each of the five pieces: “I conceived of this program as an evening of intimate duos. The smallest possible chamber music ensemble with my colleagues, so each piece involves me and just one other musician.”
“The Mozart Duo features Principal Violist Sheridan Kamberger Currie, Kubian's ‘Singularity’ features Principal Oboist Eileen Whalen, the Ravel Sonata features Principal Cellist Andra Padrichelli, and the Prokofiev Sonata features Associate Concertmaster Aurelian Oprea. The Ysaye Sonata is the exception – I also wanted to include a virtuosic solo piece on the program, and it fit the bill.”
Next, Jessica explained what it was about each piece that caused her to select it: “Most of the duos are pieces I have long admired and heard other professionals perform so I am happy to get the chance to intensely study and perform them myself.”
“The Kubian is the only work I was not previously familiar with. I definitely wanted to find a piece to play with Eileen, who has such a beautiful tone, and when she gave me a recording of ‘Singularity,’ I thought it was just perfect. The composer, Darryl Kubian, is a violinist in the New Jersey Symphony with an impressive career as both a composer and a performer.”
“The Ysaye Sonata No. 4 in E minor is a piece that I studied in college and one of a group of six solo violin sonatas that Ysaye wrote. Ysaye was greatly influenced by Bach, who two hundred years earlier had written a set of six solo violin works that are so important to the repertoire they are often called the violinist's bible. I performed a solo Bach sonata on the Concertmaster's Choice recital a couple seasons ago, so this time I wanted to program one of the Ysaye sonatas. Confronting the technical and musical challenges of any of these major solo works is a great way to keep up the chops!”
“After selecting the whole program, I realized that it may appear a little heavy on the 20th-century music for some concertgoers' tastes. However, there is still a very unique sound world to be found in each piece, and I think that the audience will enjoy a positive, engaging concert experience well beyond the Mozart Duo that opens the program. And for balance, I am hoping to get back to some well-loved, traditional Romantic works when I choose my program for next season – perhaps even an all-Brahms recital!”
Jessica commented on working with the musicians: “I love making music with my colleagues, and this will be my first chamber performance with Aurelian, so I am especially looking forward to having him on the program. He is an amazing violinist and a great friend, and we have a lot of fun together as stand partners in the DPO.”
“With all of my fellow principals who are joining me for this concert, I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with each of them one-on-one, with a level of focus that even larger chamber groups cannot match. While I am already quite familiar with colleague's particular playing style, I know it will still be an enlightening, challenging, and rewarding experience to go deeper and find a harmonious, blended sound and interpretation with each musician for each piece.”
General seating tickets at the DAI Renaissance Auditorium are $20 and are available at Ticket Center Stage (937) 228-3630 or online at Senior, teacher and student discounts available at box office.


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The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance was formed in July 2012 as the result of a groundbreaking and innovative merger between the Dayton Ballet, the Dayton Opera, and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. Together, they are the largest performing arts organization in the community, offering a tremendous variety of performance and education programs and setting a new standard for artistic excellence.  Dayton Performing Arts Alliance performances are made possible in part by Montgomery County and Culture Works, the single largest source of community funds for the arts and culture in the Miami Valley. The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance also receives partial funding from the Ohio Arts Council, a state agency created to foster and encourage the development of the arts and to preserve Ohio's cultural heritage. Funding from the Ohio Arts Council is an investment of state tax dollars that promotes economic growth, educational excellence, and cultural enrichment for all Ohio residents.   The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance is also the proud recipient of a 12-13 season grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
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