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Introducing Sid the Serpent

sidtheserpent_InsertSid the Serpent Who Wanted to Sing, an entertaining and fast-paced 45-minute program appropriate for grades K thru 6, is about Sid, a dancing circus snake who wants to learn to sing more than anything. Accompanied by his circus friends, he travels the world, trying a different style of singing wherever he goes – grand opera in Rome, music hall in London, rock in New York City. Sid eventually learns he has been singing all along, in his own style, and that is what really matters.
These performances are part of “Dayton Opera on the Road,” one of several Dayton Performing Arts Alliance education programs that reach out to Miami Valley elementary and secondary school students.
“We understand the time constraint and expense in bringing students to every production we offer,” said Gloria Pugh, Director of Education for the DPAA. “‘Dayton Opera on the Road’ offers an opportunity for students to experience and enjoy this art form in their school setting while they also learn how music can enhance and enrich the telling of a story.”
Dayton Opera’s artists-in-residence will perform this family-friendly opera from mid-March to mid-April 2014. The singing ensemble includes four talented young professionals.

“Each artist-in-residence is selected from national auditions to perform our in-school primary and secondary school programs in 2014. They will also perform roles in a Dayton Opera production at the Schuster Center,” said Thomas Bankston, Dayton Opera’s Artistic Director.

Educators who wish to add Sid the Serpent to their school's educational lineup are encouraged to contact Pam Eyink at (937) 224-3521 x 1091 or by email. 

Date: Selected dates in March
Location: Your school
Cost: $350
Performance time: 45 minutes

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