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Preschool & Primary K-2

Our ensembles tell engaging children’s stories with music. Many of your students may never have seen a violin (or the Three Pigs, for that matter) in person. These programs absolutely captivate young listeners. All ensembles can present up to four performances per day.

To schedule a performance in your school, call the DPAA Education Department: 937-224-3521 x1140.

String Quartet

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Your students will be captivated as they participate in this classic tale told with music. Discover what Goldilocks needs to learn about being a good family member. Preschool and K-2

The Three Little Pigs

Another classic unfolds in this unique and interactive performance. Your students will learn about music and some valuable lessons about friendship. Preschool and K-2

Land of XYZ

Four very different dinosaurs wish they could be someone else until they work together to solve a problem. Your students will discover that their unique characteristics and abilities are important to their community. Preschool & K-2

Dates: September-May
Location: Your School
Cost: $200 per performance
Performance Time: 30 minutes

DPO Trio

Wee 3

A string bass, a trumpet, and percussion! What could these musicians possibly have in common? Find out as the trio explores likenesses, differences, and teamwork. Grades K-2

Grades K-2

Dates: September-May
Location: Your School
Cost: $200 per performance
Performance Time: 45 minutes

Docent Program

The Orchestra and You

We know they'd rather run and jump all over the concert hall, but we think we've got a compromise: get these kids physically involved with music. They become the orchestra. They watch for direction, and they play imaginary instruments. This audiovisual introduction to the symphony orchestra is perfect preparation for attending one of our field-trip opportunities, such as a Magic Carpet Concert. We recommend a lively audience of 50-75. Grade 2

Dates: October-April
Location: Your School
Cost: Free
Performance Time: 45 minutes

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