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String Quintet

String Instrument Demonstration

(The Science of String Sound) Who is in the string family, and how do string instruments work? How many ways can string instruments produce a sound? Discover the answers to these questions as the quintet plays a variety of musical styles. Grades 1-5

Music for the Dance

Music must be organized, especially when it involves dance! Students will learn how form, patterns, and rhythm combine to create characteristic dance styles from around the world.
Grades 3-8

Where in Europe Is...?

Test your students' map-reading skills. The quintet will play music from various European countries and enlist volunteers from the audience to demonstrate their map-reading skills.
Grades 3-8

Dates: September-May
Location: Your School
Cost: $200 per performance
Performance Time: 45 minutes


To schedule the quintet at your school, call the DPAA Education Department: 937-224-3521, x1140 or x1118.    

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