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Woodwind Quintet

Woodwind Instrument Demonstration

Why is the metal flute a WOODwind instrument, and how does the metal French horn fit in? What is a double reed, and which are the double reed instruments? Discover the answers and see the exotic materials from faraway places that are used to make these instruments. Each of the five instruments—flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and French horn—has a distinctive sound, yet all blend together to make the unique sound of the woodwind quintet! Grades 1–5 

Music and Art   

What's all the excitement with the Woodwind Quintet? Several amazing new programs are captivating the interest of young audiences! 

Music and Paintings, Music and Architecture, and Music and Sculpture—this array of art is matched with musical selections appropriate for each of the works of art. Art images are projected and briefly discussed, followed by a related musical selection played by the Woodwind Quintet. 

Music and Art programs include the following: 

  • Art & Arpeggios: Featuring the art of van Gogh, Chagall, and Frank Lloyd Wright and the music of Mozart, Respighi, and Shostakovich 
  • Brushes & Beats: Featuring the art of Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Bierstadt and the music of Gershwin, Grieg, and Offenbach 
  • Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Scientist & Inventor: Featuring his early robot, early airplane, and Mona Lisa (among others!) and the music of Handel, Bizet, and Prokofiev 
  • Fabulous Female Artists: Featuring Grandma Moses, Mary Cassatt, Zaha Hadid, and Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun and the music of Aaron Copland, Valerie Coleman, Mozart, and Amy Beach 

Each of the four programs showcases 10 artists and 10 related musical selections.

A projector, screen, and computer are needed for these dynamic programs. Grades 4–12 

Where in the World Is...?

Follow musical clues from Europe to the Far East to South America and Africa and discover the unique musical sounds of countries from around the globe. This program will arouse your students' curiosity and reinforce their listening and map-reading skills. Grades 46

Dates: September-May 

Location: Your School
Cost: $200 per performance
Performance Time: 45 minutes


To schedule the Woodwind Quintet at your school, call the DPAA Education Department: 937-224-3521, x1140 or x1118. 

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