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Woodwind Quintet

Woodwind Instrument Demonstration

Why is the flute in a woodwind quintet if it's made of metal, and how does that French horn fit in? Discover the answers and see the exotic materials from faraway places that are used to make these instruments. Each has a distinctive sound, yet all blend together to make the unique sound of the woodwind quintet! Grades 1-5

Where in the World Is...?

Follow musical clues from Europe to the Far East to South America and Africa, discovering the unique musical sounds of countries around the world. This program will reinforce your students' listening and map-reading skills. Grades 4-6

Bach, Beethoven and Beyond!

The quintet looks back over the years leading to the millennium by presenting a kaleidoscope of tunes, both serious and lighthearted, that have brought us to the present time. Grades 6-12

Dates: September-May
Location: Your School
Cost: $200 per performance
Performance Time: 45 minutes


To schedule the quintet at your school, call the DPAA Education Department: 937-224-3521, x1136 or x1118. 

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