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Since 1934, the Dayton Philharmonic has provided an introduction to the wonders of classical music through its man­y Education Programs. Today, we serve over 60,000 kids in 11 counties. Last year, members of the orchestra, youth orchestras, and volunteer organization participated in 1,­224 engagements and partnered with 249 schools!

Beyond Ohio, the League of America Orchestras recognizes the DPO Education Department and its programs for depth and innovation.

Please click the image below to download a PDF of the 2014–2015 Season Education Brochure.

2014_2015_Ballet_Opera_Philharmonic_EducationThe DPAA Education Department provides a comprehensive array of programs, series, and concerts that address differing grade levels, learning styles, and teacher requirements. Programs feature concerts conducted by Assistant Conductor Patrick Reynolds or Artistic Director Neal Gittleman. Some concerts feature the DPO; others feature our student orchestras.

Our highly acclaimed SPARK Program (School Partners with Artists Reaching Kids) brings in-depth, cross-curricular programs to eight partner schools. Our overall education activities include In-School, Field Trip, and Extra-Curricular Programs.

In the brochure PDF, you will also find information detailing Dayton Opera and Dayton Ballet educational programs. Visit the Dayton Ballet School here and the Dayton Opera On The Road program here.

All together, we provide a wide selection of programs that suit a variety of education requirements.

Our mission is to bring music to kids in various ways. We want the largest number of children possible to benefit from the considerable advantage of having one of the nation’s best professional symphony orchestras right here in the Miami Valley community.


Young People’s Concerts, 9:30 am & 11:20 am, Schuster Center
November 12, 2014  “Nature in Music”—Patrick Reynolds, Conductor
March 25, 2015  “European Influences”—Neal Gittleman, Patrick Reynolds, Conductors

Magic Carpet Concerts, 9:45 am & 11:00 am, Dayton Masonic Center
­March 3, 4, & 5, 2015  "The Philharmonic Sings, Marches and Dances"—Patrick Reynolds, Conductor

Dayton Philharmonic Youth Strings
­November 16, 2014; 3:00 pm  Kettering Adventist Church, Dr. Betsey Hofeldt, Conductor
March 22, 2015; 7:00 pm  Kettering Adventist Church, Dr. Betsey Hofeldt, Conductor

Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, 3:00 pm, Schuster Center
December 7, 2014  Winter Concert—Patrick Reynolds, Conductor
March 15, 2015  Family Concert—Patrick Reynolds, Conductor
April 25, 2015  Spring Concert—Patrick Reynolds, Conductor

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