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Beethoven's Ninth: Season Opening Spectacular

September 2018


   8:00 pm Saturday, September 15, 2018
   3:00 pm Sunday, September 16, 2018


Box Office (888) 228-3630


BEETHOVEN Egmont Overture
BEETHOVEN "Ah! perfido"
BEETHOVEN Hallelujah Chorus from Christ on the Mount of Olives
BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 9

THOMAS BANKSTON artistic director, event producing director WEBSITE  
NEAL GITTLEMAN artistic director, conductor WEBSITE
KAREN RUSSO BURKE artistic director, choreographer WEBSITE 

What better way to launch the 2018–2019 Vistas Season than with a program celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven’s monumental contribution to the art of music?

Here, you will experience multiple expressions of the great master’s genius: overture, song, and chorus, climaxing with a unique setting of his landmark Symphony No. 9 in D minor, a work that many regard as the very apotheosis of Western music. The Alliance is uniquely suited to present a program of expanded scope and concept, drawing as it does from the advantages of all three art forms and presented in a mode that can only be accomplished by the collaboration of orchestra, opera and ballet under a single guiding vision.  

When the program opens, the image of the Dayton Philharmonic bursts forth on a supersized screen over the stage with the sounds of one of Beethoven’s most dramatic overtures, Egmont. For the Season Opening Spectacular, the Orchestra takes up residence in the pit, freeing the stage for soloists, chorus and dancers.

Originally conceived as the opener of a musical suite written for a theatrical presentation of Goethe’s play Egmont, the overture will serve much the same purpose here, as a portent of the drama to follow. The following program is dramatic indeed.

Next, a top opera soprano joins the Orchestra for the central role in the heart-wrenching “Ah, perfido” (“Ah, deceiver”), a concert aria that lays our heroine’s emotions bare as she implores her lover not to depart forever. The first half then concludes with a powerful choral work: the finale from Beethoven’s oratorio Christ on the Mount of Olives. The text captures the thoughts of the Messiah in the Garden of Gethsemane as he makes peace with his impending crucifixion.

If you were in the audience for last year’s Season Opening Spectacular, Verdi’s Requiem, you have some sense of what to expect next. This is Beethoven Nine as you’ve never seen or heard it. Innovative stagecraft, dance, chorus, and soloists who convey deep emotion as opera performers all come together for an explosion of impressions, sounds, motion and sight, impelling Beethoven’s vision to a new sphere.

Our three Artistic Directors—Karen Russo Burke, Thomas Bankston, and Neal Gittleman—invite you to join us for this magnificent demonstration of the power of three art forms under one roof and the continuing development of what has almost become an entirely new art form, in and of itself.

This program is part of all three major classical subscription series: Opera, Ballet, and Masterworks Nine. If you subscribe to more than one of these series you will receive extra tickets. Feel free to use those tickets to invite friends and family or call the box office at (888) 228-3630 to exchange the value of those tickets for other Alliance events.

If this program is not on your subscription series, purchase your tickets when they go on sale early summer.

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