Cinderella – Synopsis

Act I
Cinderella, a lovely orphan, is busy with the daily chores of taking care of the house. After the death of her mother, Cinderella is forced to live with her Stepmother, a cruel self-serving woman, and her two odious daughters. Cinderella’s father is terribly ill, and his wife has made Cinderella nothing more than a maid. Her two Stepsisters are very demanding and taunt her constantly. Life is miserable for poor Cinderella.

One day, Cinderella’s Stepmother comes into the kitchen and announces that they have been invited to the Prince’s ball, all except for Cinderella. The Stepmother arranges for a Dance Master and a Dress Maker to come prepare them for the event. Cinderella is left alone to reminisce about happier days when her mother was alive.

Soon, an old beggar woman appears and begs for alms. Cinderella gives her a small piece of bread, and the old woman thanks the kind girl. Cinderella is so very kind that even the birds from the garden feel comfortable visiting her.

As the Stepsisters and their mother leave for the ball, Cinderella tires and falls asleep. The mysterious beggar woman reappears and reveals herself as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. She transforms the kitchen and summons the Fairies of the Four Seasons to bring gifts to reward Cinderella for her kindness. As Cinderella prepares to go to the ball, the Fairy Godmother warns Cinderella that she must leave the ball before the clock strikes midnight, or the magic gifts will fade away.

Act II
The ball has begun, and Courtiers move about in formal dances. Cinderella’s Stepmother and Stepsisters arrive. They are all anxious to meet the Prince. During the evening, mysterious music is heard, and an enchanting yet mysterious woman appears. She looks as though she is floating on air. Everyone is in awe of her, especially the Prince. As the evening progresses, the Stepsisters seem to have one too many aperitifs and put on a display of poor manners. Their antics do not intrude on the love-struck Prince and the mystery woman, who spend the evening together dancing, unaware of anyone else in the room. All of a sudden, the clock strikes twelve! The mystery woman flees from the ball, but on the way out she loses one of her slippers.

The Prince is distraught. He has found one slipper and knows that it must belong to the beautiful girl with whom he danced at the ball. To find her, he decides to search the countryside for the girl of his dreams.

Back in the kitchen, Cinderella awakens. Was it all a dream? For comfort, she goes to the picture of her mother and discovers one beautiful slipper. She is convinced that she was actually in the palace and in the arms of the Prince. Cinderella overhears her Stepmother and Stepsisters talking about the Prince and his search for the mysterious ball guest. He will be coming to their house! Cinderella’s Stepmother orders Cinderella to get busy and prepare the house for the Prince’s visit.

The Prince appears and both Stepsisters try on the slipper. Angry that the slipper does not fit either of her daughters, the Stepmother demands to try on the slipper herself. As everyone is trying to help her fit into the shoe, the matching slipper falls out from Cinderella’s apron.

The Prince recognizes Cinderella as the beautiful girl at the ball. Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears and reunites the lovers, who live happily ever after.