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Posted: May 6, 2020 at 9:00 am

As we are all aware, Governor Mike DeWine recently extended the stay-at-home order for Ohio until the end of May, and he has reiterated his clear commitment to a phased-in approach to opening the Ohio economy. Additionally, we continue to keep the safety and well-being of our performers, staff, and patrons at the forefront of our minds as we look forward to the summer and beyond. Therefore, after much analysis and concern, the DPAA has made some very difficult decisions regarding the remaining 2019–2020 DPAA performances. These decisions are as follows:

2019–2020  Performances  Original Dates Revised Dates Current Status What To Do with Your Tickets
Alpine Symphony March 27 & 28  CANCELED CANCELED
Beethoven’s 1st and The Firebird May 8 & 9 August 18 & 19 CANCELED
Beethoven’s Eroica June 5 & 6 ———– CANCELED
Havana Nights April 17 & 18 July 22 & 23 CANCELED
The Rat Pack, Symphonic! May 15 & 16 August 24 & 25 CANCELED
Rockin’ Orchestra
The Music of The Rolling Stones March 21  July 5 CANCELED
Super Diamond May 23 August 6 CANCELED
Strings and Piano Salon March 15 July 26 As Scheduled We are working through the details on how this concert will be presented. Please stay tuned for more information.
Concertmaster’s Choice May 3 August 23 As Scheduled We are working through the details on how this concert will be presented. Please stay tuned for more information.
Jane in Concert  March 14 June 14 CANCELED
Star Wars: A New Hope in Concert June 13 June 26, 2021 RESCHEDULED – replaces Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in Concert If you have tickets to Star Wars: A New Hope in Concert:

If you have tickets to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in Concert:

Raiders of the Lost Ark in Concert June 27 ———– CANCELED
Stained Glass
New Season Ministry March 29 ———– CANCELED
Calvary Missionary Baptist Church May 17 ———– CANCELED
Opera Star Recital: Angel Blue March 22 June 21 CANCELED – Returning in 2020–2021
Going for Baroque! April 24 & 26 June 26 & 28 CANCELED
Innovations April 2, 3, 4 & 5 CANCELED CANCELED

Ticketing Information
For any performance with a rescheduled date, your current tickets will automatically be transferred to the new date, and your seats will remain the same.

If you have tickets to a performance that has been canceled, we offer the following options:

1. Donate the value of your tickets to the DPAA. Your tax-deductible donation today means that the next time you join us for a Dayton Opera, Dayton Ballet, or Dayton Philharmonic performance, we will be here to share the joy of live performances with you once more, as a healthy, vibrant and financially secure organization.

A special message from the Artistic Directors of Dayton Performing Arts Alliance on just what your ticket value donation would mean to the DPAA.

2. Put the value of your tickets on account. The Ticket Office can put your funds on account for future use.

3. Apply the value of your tickets toward a down payment for your 2020–2021 DPAA subscription or to your payment plan for your existing 2020–2021 DPAA subscription. If you are planning to renew your subscription to one of our DPAA performance series, or if you are ordering a new subscription for our exciting upcoming season, you can use the value of your tickets toward your subscription down payment. If you have already ordered a 2020–2021 subscription, you can use the value of your tickets toward your existing payment plan. Either way, we are thrilled you will be joining us when our new season gets underway!

4. Receive a refund if your performance has been canceled. If your performance has been canceled, we can refund you for your tickets. However, we encourage you to consider the role that the performing arts play in your life and how vital the arts are to the culture, vibrancy and very fabric of our Dayton community. We ask that you consider donating the value of your tickets or putting that value on account in order to support the performing arts of the DPAA that we all so adore.

To carry out these options, please call the ticketing office at: (937) 228-3630 or send an email to [email protected]. The Dayton Live Ticket Office phones are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. You can also click on the link beside each performance above for a streamlined approach to your ticketing options.

We kindly request that you make a decision regarding your tickets no later than June 16, 2020. If you do not contact us by this date, we will assume that you have chosen to donate the value of your tickets to the DPAA, and we thank you with the deepest gratitude for your donation.

Please keep in mind that when calling the Dayton Live Ticket Office, due to high volumes you may be on hold for some time and it may take two to three business days to process your request. We appreciate your patience and your understanding.

Your support today is more important than ever. As a nonprofit arts organization, the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance relies on the people we serve. That has never been more true than during this time of event closures as our community works together to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please consider the role the performing arts play in your life, and if you would like to make a donation above and beyond the donation of the value of your ticket to support the DPAA, please click here:

If you are a federal employee and would like to give to the DPAA through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), please visit