Don Giovanni – Program Synopsis

DON GIOVANNI or The Criminal Punished

Scene 1
In the garden of the Commander’s mansion before dawn, Leporello stands watch for his boss Giovanni, who is pursued by Anna, in great distress. When her father, a military commander, hears her cries, he confronts Giovanni, with fatal consequences.

Scene 2
At sunrise outside Giovanni’s condo, Elvira arrives in pursuit of her husband. He eludes her, while Leporello catalogs his boss’s numerous sexual exploits to distract and dissuade her.

In the early afternoon, newly-weds Zerlina and Masetto encounter Giovanni and Leporello at a hotel cafe/bar. Once the groom is ushered away by Leporello, Giovanni tries to seduce the bride with promises of wealth and privilege. Elvira interrupts this encounter in the nick of time and escorts Zerlina out of danger.

Anna and her fiancé’ Ottavio are warned of Giovanni’s treachery by Elvira, but they find her charges difficult to believe. When Giovanni departs with Elvira, Anna has a horrifying realization.

Giovanni plans a wild party to further his seduction of Zerlina.

Scene 3
At sunset in Giovanni’s penthouse, he attempts to seduce Zerlina, but fortunately Masetto, Elvira, Anna and Ottavio intervene.

Scene 4
Early that evening, Giovanni and Leporello exchange identities in order to deceive Elvira and allow the boss to charm a hotel maid.

Masetto seeks revenge on Giovanni but is brutally beaten. Zerlina comforts her injured husband.

Scene 5
Later that evening in the courtyard of the Commander’s mansion, Leporello, still disguised as his boss, is confronted by the vengeful Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina, Masetto, and, ultimately, the humiliated Elvira as well.

Ottavio enlists the support of the others for his grieving Anna and their determination to bring Giovanni to justice.

Scene 6
In a moonlit cemetery, Giovanni mockingly invites a statue honoring the Commander to have supper with him.

Scene 7
In a funeral chapel, Anna and Ottavio struggle with their dilemma.

Scene 8
At midnight in Giovanni’s penthouse, the ghost of the Commander arrives to deliver divine retribution.

All those whom Giovanni wronged contemplate the shocking events of the day.