Christopher Roberts

Christopher Roberts grew up in Texas and has been a member of the DPO’s Bass section since 1987.

He earned a Bachelor of Performance Degree from Texas Tech University in 1984 and then moved to Cincinnati, where he earned a Master of Music Performance from CCM in 1989.

An entrepreneur, Chris opened a bass restoration shop called Cincinnati Bass Cellar, where he builds and restores bass instruments. He has earned several awards from the International Society of Bassists for tone on instruments that he has built, and he took the grand prize in 2007. The instrument he plays with the DPO is one of his making.

Chris has played as the Principal in the Lexington and Richmond Orchestras and has also been a member of the Charleston (WV) Orchestra. He has subbed with the Cincinnati and Columbus Symphony Orchestras.

Chris and his spouse love to travel and have toured in Italy (he played Spoleto twice) as well as Ireland and Mexico. A joy of his is as a member of the Peninsula Music Festival in Wisconsin for 25 years, where our DPO Concertmaster and Principal Second Violin have both recently joined him.

Chris is an avid golfer and lives adjacent to a course when in Wisconsin.