Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis joined the Orchestra in the 2012–2013 season as Third Trumpet.

He started piano lessons in first grade and began playing the trumpet in fifth grade, but he did not take formal lessons until his sophomore year in high school.

A native of Cedarville, he is a 2009 graduate of Cedarville University in Music Performance, studying with Charles Pagnard, DPO’s Principal Trumpet.

Since 2009, Dan has been a member of the King’s Brass, a professional brass ensemble that tours the country about 20 weeks of the year.

Dan earned a master’s degree in Music Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music in 2011, studying with Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet of the Cleveland Orchestra.

His day job is teaching private lessons in the trumpet studio at Stivers School for the Arts, and he has been a substitute player with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra in Virginia.

He is an avid sports fan, particularly college football and The Ohio State Buckeyes.