Ethan Ahuero

Hometown: Roanoke, VA
Education & Training: Roanoke Ballet Theatre, Orlando Ballet
My Friends Call Me: Young Money or Ethan


What is your favorite Dayton Ballet memory?
Waxy! A red wax ball we made into a snowman and carried around all through nutcracker last season.

What organizations have you previously danced with?
Orlando Ballet, Kansas City Ballet

What teacher, mentor or other influencer inspired you the most?
So many! Rolando Sarabia, Sandra Meythaler, Deirdre Miles Burger. I’ve also always looked up to Derek Dunn.

Do you play any sports?
I played baseball before I was a dancer, but currently I enjoy boxing.

Do you have pets?
I have a pet snake, Gio.

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Ethan Ahuero began his training in Roanoke, Virginia, at Roanoke Ballet Theatre, under the direction of Sandra Metzler. In 2017, he joined Orlando Ballet as a trainee and later joined their second company, under the direction of Deirdra Miles Burger, Philip Broomhead, and Robert Hill. In 2019, he joined Kansas City Ballet in their second company under the direction of Devon Carney. Dancing with Dayton Ballet will be Ethan’s first professional company job, and he is very excited to take the stage this season.