Mia Sanchez

Chicago, IL

Education & Training:
School of Ballet Chicago, BalletMet, The Ohio State University – Fisher College of Business, Specializing in Accounting

My Friends Call Me:

What was your favorite Dayton Ballet memory?
A group of us dancers were side stage after performing for the On the Rocks Gala for the DPAA when the Philharmonic started playing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” We all put our arms on each other’s shoulders and sang to the wonderful concert going on 10 feet away.

What are your biggest career highlights?
Performing Dewdrop from The Nutcracker on stage for the first time. It was my first time in a soloist role and the success of my first show gave me the confidence to be on stage alone in future performances.

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a professional dancer?
I would be a Public Accountant. I’m currently finishing up my undergrad so I can take the CPA exam.

What advice would you give to aspiring dancers?
I would say that the moment I decided to dance for myself and not only to please whoever was at the front of the room was when I was able to grow the most as a dancer and enjoy what I do.

What do you want patrons to know about you?
I enjoy meeting new people and welcome the opportunity to learn about their opinions on a performance. It is always insightful to know what a performance looks like to an outsider who is seeing it for the first time.

Read Full Biography:

Mia Sanchez grew up in Chicago, Illinois, where she trained at Ballet Chicago under the direction of Dan Duell and Patricia Blair. She performed in Ballet Chicago’s productions of Balanchine’s Serenade, Rubies, and Who Cares? She then joined BalletMet’s trainee program under the direction of Timothy Lynch. At BalletMet Mia performed in The Nutcracker, La Bayadere, Paquita, and Edward Liang’s Sleeping Beauty. In 2016 Mia joined Madison Ballet under the direction of W. Earle Smith, where she performed many of his ballets such as The Nutcracker, Dracula, Cuatro, and Expressions. She also worked with choreographers including Jacqueline Stewart, Nikki Hefko, and Jin-Wen Yu.

In 2018 Mia joined Dayton Ballet and has performed highlighted roles in multiple ballets choreographed by director Karen Russo Burke including The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Still Water is No Drink and Cinderella. She has also enjoyed performing in Septime Webre’s Carmen, Gerald Arpino’s Trinity, Stephen Mills’ Red Roses, and Penny Saunders’ Berceuse. Mia is currently a student at The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business specializing in Accounting. She is excited for her fifth season with Dayton Ballet.