Robert Gray

Robert (Bob) Gray is second chair Clarinet in the DPO and joined the orchestra in 1962, while a college freshman.

He double majored at CCM in Music Education and Clarinet Performance and later earned a master’s degree in Curriculum and Supervision from Wright State University.

While a native of Dayton and a graduate of Colonel White High School, Bob landed his first job in education took him to Clark County where he was a high school band director, first at Northeastern for 10 years and then Kenton Ridge for 22 years until his retirement.

Bob founded the “Bob Gray Orchestra” in 1974 and his dance band has performed for many large gatherings the last 38 years, including the Philharmonic Gala’s “Dance to the Music” this year and last. He is responsible for hiring pit orchestra personnel for all the Victoria Broadway Series productions and has played the clarinet, saxophone and flute with that ensemble.

Bob also plays in the orchestra for Broadway Shows in Columbus.

He is the father of three children (two girls and a boy) and the grandfather of four (three girls and a boy). Bob’s hobbies include boating and riding his jet skis on Ohio’s waterways and lakes.

Photos by Andy Snow