Brass Quintet

The charismatic Brass Quintet performances range from lively demos to discussions of music from around the world. Choose from one of their three engaging programs below.

Who Is the Brass Family? | Lively music, an entertaining introduction to the instruments in the Brass Quintet, and a little science too! Curriculum Connections: Science, Music

Music Around the World | Language, dress, and customs all combine to define a culture, but what is missing? Music, of course! Take a musical journey and discover the unique characteristics of music from around the world. Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Music

Journey Through Jazz! | Explore the history, style, and influences of jazz music with the Brass Quintet. Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, English Language Arts, Music

Age: Grades K-12
Length: 45 minutes
Audience Size: 2–4 classes
Cost: $300 per performance
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“They played upbeat, fun and jazzy music. They had great senses of humor and used kid friendly dialogue. They were musicians that truly love to share their art.”

– Cline elementary, centerville