Philharmonic Trio (2–7)

This unusual grouping of instruments (trumpet, double bass, and percussion) gives students a window into three of the families of the orchestra. With music composed specifically for this group, your students will be intrigued by how the instruments’ differences are their strength.

American Vignettes | American Vignettes was composed especially for the DPO Trio by Cincinnati composer Joe Price. From New Orleans to the Wild West, this lively presentation takes your students on a musical journey across the U.S. Best for Grades 1–4.  Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Music

Music and Culture | After a speedy trip around the world to discover how music reflects the culture of its people, your students will arrive in an American classroom to meet the Creatures in Room 642 by Cincinnati composer Frank Proto. Here they will learn how music not only describes a culture but also reveals the individuals in it! Best for Grades 4–8.  Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Music

Age: Grades 2–8
Length: 45 minutes
Audience Size: 2–4 classes
Cost: $300 per performance
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“It is so important for our students to be exposed to musical presentations like this. Most of the students in out population have probably never heard orchestral instruments live or been to a live musical performance.”

– Virginia Stevenson Elementary,
Mad River Schools