String Quintet

From the science of string sound to music for the dance, the String Quintet will help your students make cross-curricular connections. Choose from one of their three programs below.

Science of String Sound | Who is in the string family, and how do string instruments work? How many ways can string instruments produce a sound? Discover the answers to these questions as the String Quintet performs a wide variety of musical styles. Best for Grades 1–6. Curriculum Connections: Science, Music

Music for Dance | Music must be organized, especially when it involves dance! Students will learn how form, patterns, and rhythm combine to create characteristic dance styles from around the world. Best for Grades 3–8.  Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Dance, Music

Tour of Europe | Test your students’ map reading skills. The quintet will play music from various European countries and enlist volunteers from the audience to help them build a map of Europe. Best for Grades 3–8. Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Music

Age: Grades 1–8
Length: 45 minutes
Audience Size: 2–4 classes
Cost: $300 per performance
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“This experience is vital to showing [my students] the beauty of music and inspiring them to know they are capable of it as well.”
– Fairview Pre K–6, Dayton