Woodwind Quintet

The Woodwind Quintet shows how much music connects with a range of topics, including visual art and social studies.

Woodwind Discovery | Why is the flute in a woodwind quintet if it’s made of metal? Isn’t the French horn a brass instrument? The Woodwind Quintet shares how each of their instruments can be so different yet blend together to make a unique sound. Best for Grades K-5. Curriculum Connections: Science, Music

Musical Explorers | Follow musical cues from Europe to the Far East to South America and Africa to discover the unique musical sounds of countries around the world. This program will reinforce your students’ listening and map reading skills. Best for Grades 4–8. Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Music

The Art of Music | This multimedia presentation pairs music with paintings, architecture, and sculpture.  Learn how the visual arts and music are connected by choosing one of the following engaging programs: Art & Arpeggios, Brushes & Beats, and Fascinating Female Artists. A projector, screen, and computer are required for this program. Best for Grades 4–12. Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Visual Art, Music


Age: Grades 2–8
Length: 45 minutes
Audience Size: 2–4 classes
Cost: $300 per performance
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“I love how personal it feels. The students get to interact with the musicians and ask them questions about themselves and their instruments. It really is a great way for the students to connect to the music and the musicians.”
– Kemp Pre K–6 School, Dayton