Beethoven’s 1st and The Firebird

Schuster Center

8:00 pm Friday, May 8, 2020

8:00 pm Saturday, May 9, 2020

Take Note preconcert talk at 7:00 p.m. with Keitaro Harada in the Mead Theatre

BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 1
STRAUSS Oboe Concerto
STRAVINSKY  Suite from The Firebird (1919)

KEITARO HARADA guest conductor

Composed on the threshold of a new century, Beethoven’s First Symphony broke free from the influence of Haydn and Mozart and was certainly viewed as iconoclastic by the Viennese audience of 1800. He was well on his way to becoming BEETHOVEN writ large.

Strauss showed no mercy to his Oboe Concerto’s soloist: Dayton Philharmonic Principal Oboe Eileen Whalen, barely into this tuneful Concerto, must play 57 measures without a break and end with a spectacular cadenza.

Composed for the renowned Ballets Russes, Stravinsky’s sumptuous Suite from The Firebird is filled with the stuff of legends: a prince, captive princesses, the Firebird’s magic feather, and the evil ogre Kastchei. Vibrant colors and rich harmonies glitter and pulse with fantastic effects, ending with the gossamer Lullaby and a shimmering climax proclaiming a happy ever-after.

Guest Conductor Keitaro Harada, Music and Artistic Director of the Savannah Philharmonic, also leads Mexican composer Arturo Márquez’s wildly popular Danzón No. 2.

Bill & Dianne Schneider Endowed Guest Artist | Eileen Whalen, oboe soloist

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