Don Giovanni

Schuster Center

8:00 pm Friday, February 26, 2021

3:00 pm Sunday, February 28, 2021


GARY BRIGGLE stage director

NORMAN GARRETT baritone – Don Giovanni
KARA SHAY THOMSON soprano – Donna Anna
KASIA BOROWIEC soprano – Donna Elvira
JOSHUA WHEEKER tenor – Don Ottavio
NATHAN STARK bass – Leporello
HAROLD WILSON bass – Commendatore
OLIVIA YOKERS soprano – Zerlina
ANDRÉ CHANG baritone – Masetto

Don Giovanni is so bad, he’s great – one of opera’s most compelling anti-heros. Based on legends of the famed seducer, Don Juan, Don Giovanni became one of Mozart’s supreme musical achievements and is considered one of the greatest operas of all time.

After the fateful overture, Don Giovanni begins with an attempted seduction. Donna Anna’s father rushes to her aid and challenges him to a duel. Soon the Commendatore lies dead, and Don Giovanni flees with his faithful servant, Leporello. In the next scene we find Don Giovanni himself stalked by a bitter ex-conquest, Donna Elvira. Always up for a challenge, Don Giovanni then sets his sights on Zerlina, a young bride on her wedding day, and is only deterred by the intervention of her new husband, Masetto.

Retribution ultimately arrives in the awe-inspiring form of a statue of the murdered Commendatore, who warns Don Giovanni that by sunrise he’ll be laughing no more. Scoffing at his threats, the Don invites him to dinner. True to his word, the terrifying statue arrives that night as Don Giovanni is banqueting in his quarters, singing the praises of wine and seduction. After offering Don Giovanni a last chance to renounces his ways, the statue of the Commendatore drags the unrepentant seducer down into the flames of hell. It’s a hair-raising ending, where things get a little “heated,’ and our rapscallion gets his just rewards!


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