La Traviata

Schuster Center

8:00 pm Friday, November 20, 2020

3:00 pm Sunday, November 22, 2020


JOHNATHON PAPE stage director

CHLOÉ OLIVIA MOORE soprano – Violetta
MATTHEW VICKERS tenor – Alfredo
LUIS ALEJANDRO OROZCO baritone – Germont

Like Alfredo, you will be swept away by Violetta’s celebrated charm, even if you know in advance that she is La Traviata – the woman who strayed. Though their love is doomed from the start, it’s no less passionate. You’ll be riveted by the compelling story of thwarted love set to Verdi’s rich and evocative music. Adapted from a novel by Alexandre Dumas, the plot is based on a fascinating historical figure, Marie Duplessis, whose real-life lovers included a Duke, a Count, Franz Liszt, and the novelist himself, before she married an aristocrat and died soon after at 23. The vivid emotional possibilities of the story inspired the composer.

La Traviata crowns Verdi’s fertile middle period. One of the world’s most-performed operas, it woos the listener with a wealth of beloved music. Following the famous Prelude, you hear the ever-popular “Libiamo” drinking song duet between Violetta and Alfredo. His passionate wooing inspires a high point of the opera – Violetta’s thoughtful “Ah, fors’e lui” (Ah, perhaps it’s him) and her defiant “Sempre Libera” (Always free), in which she declares her desire to remain free in a firework-laden soprano showstopper. Bring a handkerchief for the end, when those who love her most gather around Violetta’s bedside in a final, heartbreaking reunion.


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