Selections from The Garden of Cosmic Speculation – DPAA Replay – Summer Streams

Virtual Performance

8:00 pm Friday, July 31, 2020

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available until September 14, 2020

MICHAEL GANDOLFI Selections from The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
(from October 2016)
The Zeroroom
Soliton Waves
The Snail and the Poetics of Going Slow
The Universe Cascade
The Garden of Senses Suite
Allemande (Hearing)
Courante (Smell)
Sarabande (Taste)
Passepied (Touch)
Gigue (Vision)
Chorale (Intiuition)
Fractal Terrace
The Nonsense

Near Dumfries, Scotland, landscape architect Charles Jencks and his wife, Maggie Keswick, an expert on Chinese gardens, designed the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. The garden “uses nature to celebrate nature through nature.” This home of science as garden and garden as science inspired American composer Michael Gandolfi’s 2009 work The Garden of Cosmic Speculation. With the garden and its theories as his muse, Gandolfi created an energetic and innovative piece that never really allows the listener to predict what will be heard next. This Replay stream features the Philharmonic’s 2016 performance of Gandolfi’s imaginative and evocative music combined with dazzling images of the garden that reflect the music’s structure, content, and beauty.