Dayton Ballet School

To see class schedules and to register for classes, please visit the Dayton Ballet School website at

For information regarding classes, held at the downtown Dayton studio, contact Dayton Ballet School Administrator Anne Davis at (937) 223-1542 or via email at [email protected].

Dayton Ballet School Weller Scholarship – A new scholarship program for aspiring new young dancers from underrepresented groups with financial needs.
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No company auditions are scheduled at this time.  In 2021, auditions will be held in May and September. For more information, please contact Dayton Ballet School Administrator Anne Davis at (937) 223-1542 or via email at [email protected]

Dayton Ballet School students enjoy many performing opportunities. Dayton Ballet II Senior and Junior Companies are our pre-professional training companies selected by audition. Both companies have opportunities to perform with the Dayton Ballet professional company dancers in selected works. Dayton Ballet II and Level V students also perform a special presentation at the end of the school year.

The mission of the Dayton Ballet School is to provide the very finest dance training to any child or adult who seeks to experience the wonder and the fun of dance. The goal of the School is to serve the community by not only strengthening the body but also introducing accomplishments and discipline to the spirit of all participants. The unique and distinct opportunities available only at Dayton Ballet are the exposure to the full range of experiences that come with the proximity to a professional dance company.

Founded by Josephine and Hermene Schwarz in 1927, the Dayton Ballet School is the oldest dance school in Dayton and one of the oldest dance schools in the United States. It is the only ballet school in the Miami Valley associated with a professional dance company. From the beginning, the school’s primary goal has been to prepare dancers for professional careers. Some of our best-known graduates have danced with prestigious companies such as New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey, San Francisco Ballet, Atlanta Ballet and North Carolina Dance Theatre. Others have performed on Broadway and taught in schools and universities.

The school realizes, however, that most of our students will not pursue a career in dance. These students benefit in many ways from dance by building grace and poise and by obtaining the mental and physical discipline that promotes a strong and focused character. Many students follow related careers in physical therapy, costume design, scene design or teaching. They also form a discriminating and appreciative dance audience. Josephine Schwarz, referred to as Miss Jo, asked that we continue the tradition begun by her and Miss Hermene of “offering the highest quality dance training to professionals and non-professionals alike.”

Some of Dayton Ballet School’s best-known graduates:

  • Rebecca Wright performed with American Ballet Theatre, on Broadway in Merlin, and with Joffrey Ballet.
  • Dan Duell danced with the New York City Ballet and is the artistic director of the Chicago Ballet.
  • Donna Wood performed with Alvin Ailey.
  • Stuart Sebastian is the former Dayton Ballet artistic director and worked with Washington National Ballet.
  • Bonnie Pickard danced with Suzanne Farrell Ballet.
  • Rebecca Carmazzi performed with Dayton Ballet, BalletMet and the North Carolina Ballet Theatre.
  • Penny Freeh is a choreographer for the James Sewell Ballet.
  • Jeraldyne Blunden was the founder and former director of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.
  • Peter Means was a company member with Milwaukee Ballet, Washington Ballet and Ballet Met.
  • School Receptionist Carol Jean Heller danced with Ballet Repertory in New York.