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Pines of Rome and Brandon Patrick George

In-Theatre Performance

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In-Theatre Availability

Location Date and Time
Schuster Center September 16, 2022 7:30 pm
Schuster Center September 17, 2022 7:30 pm

About the Concert

The “Eternal City” could find no more fitting tribute than Respighi’s vibrant Pines of Rome, transporting you to famous pine stands around the Italian capital … a Renaissance family’s splendid estate, near a catacomb suggested by a mournful chant, the moonlit beauty of the Janiculum hill with the haunting song of a nightingale, and, along the Appian Way, triumphant trumpets and the thunder of marching armies. Brandon Patrick George, Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra alum—and hottest young flutist around—connects you to the Celtic inspiration of Christopher Rouse’s Concerto. The season opens with the DPO and Chorus giving the world premiere of beautiful work by Daytonians Sierra Leone and Steve Winteregg inspired by the legacy of Miriam Rosenthal.


Steve Winteregg & Sierra Leone: Expressions (21 minutes)

Rouse: Flute Concerto (30 minutes)

Respighi: The Pines of Rome (23 minutes)

The Bill and Dianne Schneider Memorial Concert

This performance includes a 20-minute intermission.

Featured Artists

Neal Gittleman, conductor

Brandon Patrick George, flute

Sierra Leone, poet

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

Dayton Philharmonic Chorus

Take Note – Live at 6:30 in the Schuster!

Artistic Director and Conductor Neal Gittleman presents his Take Note Talk live from the stage in the Schuster Center, from 6:30-7 pm. Learn about the featured works on this evening’s program before Neal gets to the downbeat!

Take Note is generously sponsored by the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association.

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Artist Preview

Why’d I Pick ‘Em?

Composition Preview: Expressions