Patrick J. Nugent
President & CEO
(937) 224-3521 x1108

Teri Warwick
Chief Operating Officer
(937) 224-3521 x1132

Michael Sieveking
Chief Information Officer
(937) 224-3521 x1102

Sue Martin
Accounting Manager
(937) 224-3521 x1110

Jacqueline Griffin
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
(937) 224-3521 x1100


Karen Russo Burke
Artistic Director
Dayton Ballet
(937) 224-3521 x1223

Kathleen Clawson
Artistic Director
Dayton Opera
(937) 224-3521 x1092

Neal Gittleman
Artistic Director and Conductor
Dayton Philharmonic
(937) 224-3521

Patrick Reynolds
Associate Conductor of the
Dayton Philharmonic, and
Conductor of the
Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

Hank Dahlman
Director Dayton Philharmonic Chorus

Betsey Hofeldt
Dayton Philharmonic Youth Strings

Kara Camfield
Dayton Philharmonic Junior Strings


Ruth Reveal
Chief Learning Officer
(937) 224-3521 x1118

Kara Camfield
Education Program Coordinator
(937) 224-3521 x1140

Anne Davis
Ballet School Administrator
(937) 223-1542
(937) 224-3521 x1222


Jarrod Williams
Director of Leadership Giving
(937) 224-3521 x1115

Tracey Bonner
Director of Donor Relations
(937) 224-3521

Angela Whitehead
Director of Development Communications
(937) 224-3521 x1138


Mary Beth Natarajan
Chief Marketing Officer
(937) 224-3521 x1109

Devan Costello-Mays
Director of Marketing, Acquisition
(937) 224-3521 x1121

Jennifer Snedigar
Director of Marketing, Retention
(937) 224-3521 x1116

Olivia Budde
Marketing Coordinator
(937) 224-3521

Vanessa Black
Patron Engagement Coordinator
(937) 224-3521


Matt Wilshire
Director of Artistic Operations
(937) 224-3521 x1319

Milena Treer
Director of Production
(937) 224-3521 x1091

Eric Knorr
Orchestra Librarian
(937) 224-3521 x1303

Patrick Keough
Technical Director

Lyn Baudendistel
Wardrobe Supervisor
(937) 224-3521 x1227

Sean Vore
Orchestra Personnel Manager

General Counsel

Coolidge Wall, LPA