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Das Rheingold

In-Theatre Performance

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In-Theatre Availability

Location Date and Time
Schuster Center April 14, 2023 7:30 pm
Schuster Center April 16, 2023 2:30 pm

About the Opera

Based on Nordic and Germanic myths, Das Rheingold (The Gold from the Rhine) is the “preliminary evening” to Wagner’s epic masterwork, The Ring Cycle. The story begins when the dwarf Alberich renounces love and steals the magical gold guarded by three Rhine nymphs. From this gold he has a ring forged which will give him dominion over the world. Wotan, the ruler of the gods, lusts after the ring and breaks his own laws to obtain it. Alberich puts a curse on the ring which sets into motion the rest of the saga. This groundbreaking “total work of art” fully integrates music, poetry, drama, costume, and set design in a sweeping, intense marathon of sight and sound. This will be the first production of Das Rheingold in the history of Dayton Opera.


Das Rheingold (2 hours)

Music and Libretto Richard Wagner
Performed in German with English supertitles

This performance does not include an intermission.

Featured Artists

Neal Gittleman, conductor

Kathleen Clawson, stage director and Artistic Director

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

Dayton Opera Soloists

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