Singers—Principal Roles, Main Stage Productions

There are no current auditions scheduled at this time.

Dayton Opera’s home, the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center, offers a wonderful, world-class facility for its fully staged productions. Artistic Director Kathleen Clawson will hold main stage auditions as needed. The company will consider represented as well as a limited number of independent artists for auditions.

Singers—Artist-in-Residence Training Program

For information regarding the 2022-2023 program and auditions, please click here.

Artists-in-Residence are involved in the company’s in-school education and community programs and main stage productions. These are full-time, temporary, paid positions for singers who must have at least an undergraduate degree with some stage experience (college and/or professional).

Auditions for the 2022-2023 program will be held on May 21, 2022, in Dayton, OH, and virtually on YAP Tracker. All applications must be completed via YAP Tracker.

Spring auditions are held in New York City and Dayton for the following season; an accompanist is usually provided. Not everyone who applies is invited to audition. The duration of the program ranges from 8 to 15 weeks. Artists receive a weekly stipend; housing and travel to Dayton are provided. The timing of the program varies each season depending on the repertoire.

Contact Milena Treer, Director of Production, by phone at 937-224-3521 x1091 or by email.

Singers—Dayton Opera Chorus

There are no current auditions scheduled at this time.

Dayton Opera’s paid, professional chorus performs in main stage productions.
Auditions are open to all community singers and are held annually or as needed. Singers must prepare one piece in a foreign language and one piece in English. The pieces do NOT have to be from opera repertoire. An audition accompanist is provided. Chorus rehearsals for productions are held evenings and weekends.


There are no current auditions scheduled at this time.

Supernumeraries or “supers” are non-singing, non-speaking roles (similar to “extras” in movies) that aid in propelling the story line of an opera. Supers are volunteers and may play anything from a Cardinal (Tosca) to courtesans (Rigoletto); from soldiers (Carmen) to servants (Aida); or nobles, handmaidens, townspeople or even animals.

Depending on the stage director’s concept, supers may be needed to fit a specific size, age or look, or a more general need may exist for men, women or children. Supers must be able to attend ALL posted staging rehearsals (evenings and weekends) and performances for that opera.